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New Feature
Enterprise Applications's Implement
     fully supports the Java Platform, Enterprise Applications's specification including support for the following Enterprise APIs:
  • Enterprise JavaBeans(EJB) 3.1
  • Java API for XML-Based Web Services(JAX-WS) 2.0
  • Java Architecture for XML binding 2.2
  • Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform 2.0
  • SOAP with Attachments API for Java(SAAJ) 1.3
  • Servlet 3.0
  • Java ServerPages(JSP) 2.2
  • Java Transaction API 1.1
  • Java Message Service 1.1
  • CDI for Java EE 1.0

  • Other Feature
    Web 2.0
         Provides new support for building Web applications that provide a rich user interface and a more dynamic and collaborative user experience.
    The comprehensive Cluster function
         Supports a wide range of load balancing strategies and provides session replication pairs.
    A security framework with flexible extensiblity
         Combined JavaEE Security Certification and third-party security products, to provide comprehensive security management features. And it can support Web Single Sign On.
    Tight integration with Apache
         Can effectively support sticky session features, when using Apache as a load-balancer.
         The Apusic application server provides the cluster services oriented to high-end applications, fully guaranteeing the 7x24 uninterrupted, reliable operation of service system.
         The Apusic application server provides a set of convenient, flexible security mechanism, which not only ensures its own security but also allows it to integrate with third-party security products.
         Seen from the horizontally compared test data, apusic application server keeps in the same horizontal plane as major competitors' products in terms of the core performance indexes, but it consumes fewer system resources.
         The Apusic started to construct its micro kernel system since V2.0. With the sophisticated micro kernel architecture, we obtain a stable, reliable, high-efficiency basic operating engine while guaranteeing high extendibility of system functions.
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